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About us

Science Stories is a science website that covers the most breakthrough developments in the world of science and the extraordinary stories in the fields of science.

Our goal is to inspire, educate and entertain people regardless of background or education level. The articles are written for layman without loosing the quality of the research.

Our dedicated staff scrutinise every original article before it goes up to the website. If you ever see any errors or typos, we’d love to hear from you at


To keep Science Stories running, free and accessible to all, we will display funded advertisements. If you see advertising on our site that you don’t like or don’t think is appropriate, please let us know at

Our story

Science Stories was founded by a Biotechnologist, John C Hongchui in Pune, India in 2018.

Seeing the huge gap between the knowledge of the people and the advancement in science, he envisioned that everyone with an internet connection should have access to what is happening in scientific world through a well written content in a language understandable by everyone.

We hope you find something here that makes you dream more and achieve your dream.

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