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Capsula Mundi, a biodegradable burial pod, turns your body into a tree.

Whenever a person dies, it is a burden for the family emotionally and financially. We spend thousands of dollars on funerals paying for the casket, flowers, and monuments. Environmentally, those caskets and monuments left behind an enormous carbon footprint. Capsula Mundi is the solution.

Recently, many people have embraced the idea of green burials. Today, People are environmentally more conscious. There is a shift from cremation and the use of wood, synthetic cushioning, and the metals used in traditional coffins to green burial. Green burial is a method of burying the body in a wooden coffin without a concrete burial vault. Here, the bacteria in the soil degrades the body along with the wooden coffin, after burial. This type of burial allows the graveyard to return to nature. Nearly 54 percent of Americans are considering green burial. 74 percent of cemeteries are reporting an increased demand for green burial according to National Funeral Directors Association.

Capsula Mundi
Bretzel and Citelli with Capsula Mundi Model.

Italian designers, Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli have an interesting idea of green burial. They created a casket which they called ‘Capsula Mundi’, an egg-shaped casket. They will place the human body in a fetal position. During the burial, the body in a casket would be buried and they would plant a tree just above the casket. They make the capsule of a material that the bacteria can degrade easily in the soil. After the burial, the Bacteria will degrade the capsule and the body. The decomposing body will provide natural nutrients for the plants to grow.
This will help reduce the carbon footprint in the environment. For family members, it could be like a reincarnation, where family members can still feel you in other life-forms.

Capsula Mundi could be an interesting solution. Tell us your opinion.

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