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Indian scientists from IGIB and ICAR have successfully cloned a superior breeding bull.

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IGIB, New Delhi
Indian Researchers from ICAR and IGIB have successfully cloned a superior breeding bull of Murrah buffalo, the best dairy breed of buffalo. They used Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) Technology to create an embryo of a bull. SCNT is a technology where somatic cells are used as a source of Nucleus. In this research, they have used skin cells and semen derived cells to create an embryo. They then transferred the embryos to buffaloes. The buffaloes became pregnant and gave birth a healthy bull.

The healthy calf which is now 40 months old. They then checked the quality of the semen and were found to have the same qualities as other donor sperms. This method of production can help to produce breeding bulls to reduce dependency on conventional methods of bull production.
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1.Selokar, N.L et al. Successful cloning of a superior buffalo bull. Sci.Rep. 9,11366(2019)
Pubmed: 31388074

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