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Meet Hadiyah Nicole Green, the first person to successfully cure cancer using laser technology she pioneered

Hadiyah Nicole Green was the first person to successfully cure cancer using laser technology. She developed a laser activated nanoparticles that kills cancer cells.

Hadiyah is an American medical physicist who was orphaned at a young age. She was raised by her aunt and uncle in St. Louis, Missouri. She was a brilliant student in her academics, but back home, she had one of the most difficult life. While she was still in school, her aunt Ora Lee was diagnosed with ovarian/cervical cancer and her aunt refused to take chemo because she didn’t want to experience the side effects of chemotherapy.  Green spent three months nursing her aunt until her death. Just after three months of her aunt’s death, her uncle General Lee Smith was also diagnosed with cancer. Her uncle undergo chemotherapy. She watched her uncle suffered a lot from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and realized that chemotherapy was no better than what her aunt went through. This experience led her to search for new ways of cancer treatment which are less painful.

Green was enrolled as an intern in NASA. It is here, that she realized the potential of laser in treating cancer. She began working on the possibility of using laser activated nanoparticles to treat cancer. She first tested her hypothesis in cancer cell lines and later to animal models. She also won $ 1.1 million grants to further developed a technology she pioneered. Today she is the first person to cure cancer using laser technology she pioneered.

Green is also the founder of Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research foundation. It was founded after her aunt’s death with an aim to change the pain associated with chemotherapy and radiation. She also wanted to make sure that cancer treatment is affordable to average person.

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